Live Samoa 2017!

Mark your calendar! SuperFood Excursion of the Year!

Join Superfood Family Adventures in the most beautiful place on earth!   Swim with Sea turtles, learn to truly live off the land, climb coconut trees and waterfalls, enjoy hidden caves underneath the earth, and eat super foods in their 100% natural environment – right off the plantation!  Work with us, play with us, or stay on your own.  This is truly YOUR vacation and flash back into pristine natural living!



June 21 – 28, 2017  (7 Nights 8 Days)  ONLY  $1199

Call to Book! 262-339-4024 You can Pay in Full or Use our Payment Plan Option


For Everyone: A Non-Refundable Deposit of $400 Due at Reservation. Total Payment due 1 Month Before Departure. Payment Plans Available. Pricing does not include airfare. You will TOTALLY LOVE THIS TRIP!!! Book Your Flight into Samoa using the Apia, Upolu Airport. (Note, you can plan a layover in Fiji to tour there before you join us in Samoa!) 

SuperFood Family Adventures

You will enjoy a couple days on the main island of Upolu, Samoa, where we will take you sightseeing, and a quick stop at the late Robert Louis Stevenson home.  A six hour trip including a ferry to the native island of Savaii will bring you to the villages of Asau and Auala, this is our home.  While living with us, you will tour what we feel is the most beautiful place on earth.

You may go swimming with the sea turtles, visit the stunning sea blow holes, swim in the shore side “pools” (ocean water that is pooled in land so you don’t go out to sea!), enjoy stunning waterfalls where you can swim too, and have opportunities to hike in UNDERGROUND caves for miles, swimming through underground pools in the dark!

Harvesting fresh cacao, you will learn how to make fresh Koko Samoa, what to do with noni, how to weave baskets, make woven table placemats and falas – which you lie on outside.

You will have the opportunity of living with limited electricity, limited running water (you literally drink fresh coconut water from the trees when thirsty – nothing like it – it’s amazing!), hot water for only an hour a day (and only at the hotel), fresh flowers falling out of the sky 24/7, Fresh Papayas, Bananas, Coconuts, Mangos, Long beans, Pineapples popping out of the ground everywhere, Star Fruits, Vi fruit, Breadfruit, Taro, Yam (there’s are four feet – not kidding), Kaamu, Cacao, Nonu (Noni),  Guava, Green Lemons, Oranges, Tangerines, and people like you’ve never met.

It truly is a world untouched by modern civilization, and we will leave it that way.  Island rules include: prayer for 15 minutes at 6:30 pm.  All the villages close, every single store on the island closes for these 15 minutes while families gather – it’s great!  On Sundays you must attend church – and they don’t care what church, so we have a few in the village to choose from!  We will be checking to see which ones will allow visitors.  One in particular is a faith where all those who attend wear white!  Everyone glows when walking around the island on Sundays!  There are very few vehicles on the island.  We will be some of the only vehicles you will see.  The one road on the island is honestly not even wide enough for two vehicles!

Daily Itinerary Coming Soon!

WARNING: you will not want to come home, and I’m not kidding.  Some of you may just stay!  That’s ok, we have a plantation to run……..

This Trip Includes:

This includes all evening accommodations, all meals and travel between islands! These fall trips will also include many exciting adventures and opportunities to serve the locals, as well as play. Price does not include your flight to Samoa, Certain Excursions, or Pacific Island Certification.

Pacific Island Healer Certifications

BONUS!  For anyone interested, we are creating Pacific Island Healer Certifications that you can attend!  Learn how the natives use the herbs, trees, bark, stems, leaves and superfoods that grow all around them in food, medicine, and ceremonies.  Pricing & details to come!

Pictures of Your SuperFood Family on Samoa! We can’t wait for you to join us! Your life will be changed forever…


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