Karens Top 24 Classes Bookings

46Karen’s Top Traveling Classes! (but how do you just pick one?)

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1. Live With Outrageous ENERGY: Thrive Without Fear, Sickness or Disease! 

Presented to tens of thousands, this is one of Karen’s favorite classes to teach! Enjoy learning about minerals, proteins and amino acids, the exciting anatomy in detail, your great immune system, the circulatory system, and how different foods react in the body! Where do enzymes come from? Find out how cancer, arthritis, type II diabetes, candida and other symptoms can leave the body! Learn how power packed smoothies can take your pH soaring to new levels. If you desire vibrant health and fewer visits to the doctors’ offices, this just may be the class for you! Take control of your health and learn what you can do to have energy and Never be Sick Again!

2. Discover Frequencies Of LIFE and How “Physics” Can Heal Cells, and Eliminate Cancer and Dis-Ease!

Using Science and Quantum Physics to help heal the body of disease is not new. Using energy modalities to diagnose, rebalance, and regenerate the body dates back to cave men as there is proof they used meridian channels of the body! THIS is EXCITING SCIENCE! Discover how cellular biology reveals the triggers to illness, the truth about genetic disposition, and learn what makes up your 70 trillion+ AMAZING cells! Understand proteins and how all life is influenced by them. What are frequencies and how do they affect you? Do words have frequencies? How do the atoms around us affect us? What is entanglement? Learn uncovered truths that have helped millions reverse chronic disease. It’s a cell thing!

3. Detox That Body for LIFE! 

How can you remove cell residue acquired from the mistakes of the past? In this class we’ll discuss fasting, juicing, and numerous cleansing and detoxing techniques. Learn about colonics, skin brushing, liver flushing, saunas, kidney flushing, blood stream and heavy metal detoxing. We will describe how cleanses work, and how some cleanses can harm the body, while other promote inner health. Come learn how the body can cleanse naturally. Cleansing: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! Let’s CLEANSE those cells and bowels using natural, safe and effective methods! We will also demonstrate Skin Brushing for Elimination! Skin Brushing improves the appearance of your skin, stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, and greatly enhances toxin elimination. Discover secrets that can help you lose weight, detoxify cells, look great and enjoy wonderful health! This class will open your eyes and cells to elimination!

4. Emotions and Forgiveness: From Pre-Birth On

Emotions and feelings can lead to situations of joy, or situations of great hurt and pain. Not only can emotions cause us sadness, they are the literal root and chemical of all dis-ease! Join us for an evening that will set your heart FREE as you discover how to step out of the drama circle, and back into the circle of life! This class has been a huge success in all states presented, as we take a look as to when we started making emotions and when we started feeling them in the womb. This is an ah-ha class, which explains emotions are chemicals, and that we can store them for years. Emotions that are not dealt with often lead to illness, sadness and depression, so come discover how to control your choices regarding emotions so well, that you can live bitterness free and healthy the rest of your life! Forgiveness is the MOST important principle we will ever learn no matter how old we are!

5. Creating a Gluten Free, Cancer Free, Diabetes Safe, Kitchen That Tastes AMAZING! 

If you are taking a pro-active part in your cell health and the personal maintenance of that body of yours, this class is for YOU! Learn how to cleanse your organs and glands, remove extra sugars from the body, and create an internal environment which will give you external energy! Discover the secrets to living free of dis-ease, and learn what foods cancer and candida thrive on. Learn which foods are safe for diabetes, and how to create gluten free foods that taste amazing! Don’t be deceived by advertising, most gluten free foods are so loaded with hidden sugars that you may be avoiding gluten, but you may be creating cancer, candida and diabetes at the cell level! COME! Learn to live free of dis-ease and with VITALITY!

6. Children’s Health: DRUG FREE KIDS-HOW TO DO IT!

From colds, sniffles, ear infections and tummy aches to ADD/ADHD and Autism, the body has amazing healing capacity. Come discover the triggers inside your children to turn on the “Healthy Me” buttons and start living drug free! Tips and tricks given from Karen, a mother of ten living drug free! Healthy school and office lunches covered too! This is a great family class and has helped thousands of parents find ways to raise heathy happy drug free kids!

7. The Electrical YOU: How EMF’s Affect the Human Cell and the Celestial Spirit Within. 

They are running along the wires in your home, they are unseen currents zapping from antenna to antenna, they are broadcasting in your office and home to every cell of life within: DANGEROUS EMF’s. Join Karen as she explains the circuits of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) and how they can help or interfere with the electrical currents in your body. Time, Distance, Shielding and Nutrition become your new favorite four words! With cell phones in your pockets and Bluetooth’s in your ears, testicular, breast, and brain tumors are soaring! From the toaster to transformers, learn how frequency matters. And if you think for a minute that your “who”, your Godly spirit is not affected, think again! Your cells are depending on YOU

8. Three Steps to Long Term Weight Loss and Vibrant Energy!

Is it the Paleo diet? The 80/10/10? Are there magic pills you can take? Do you really need to count those darn calories? If you are struggling with extra weight gain, and you want the hard core answers as to how it got there in the first place (yes, we are talking human cell details for a while), and how to get it OFF, then this class is for you! Take these three steps and start shedding the pounds today! We will discuss many ways the body can hold pounds, and many ways to remove it. From adrenals and kidneys, your crazy emotions and detoxing symptoms, to that gall bladder and thyroid – we are here to offer some explanation and help you LOSE WEIGHT!

9. Breast and Thyroid Health – Keeping Them Healthy, Happy and Cancer Free!

Karen will discuss details you need to be aware of regarding your thyroid and breast health! Fluoride, halogens, EMF’s, low iodine, emotions and many other factors could be the tipping point taking your thyroid and breasts to an unhealthy state of mind. We will discuss: appropriate iodine consumption, lymphatic drainage, your MARVELOUS lymph nodes (keep those!), food, essential oils and how all of this has been used to restore great thyroid and breast health! Thinking of getting another mammogram? Not so fast! Come learn the SAFE way of checking your breast tissue for cancer. Thermal imaging will be discussed helping you make well informed decisions on your breast and thyroid care.

10. Chakras and the Bio Meridian System: The Ancient Eastern Secret to LIFE!

The Chakra system is an energetic system every human and animal comes to earth with, and takes with them when they leave! In the East they call it Chakras, in the West many call it the spirit. Can they be the same? Discover “who” is in YOU! The Chakra system is used in every Eastern Modality and has been recognized by man since the dawn of man! What exactly are they? How do you balance chakras so your body is in balance? How do they help with “Energy Medicine?” How do you see them? Enjoy an evening of balancing, understanding how chakras and zero point energy work together, and how YOU can completely alter your Chakra field for the better or worse in seconds! This is a great class for understanding frequencies and how we really all do live AS ONE!

11. DEPRESSION: The Fantastic Natural Alternatives that WORK!

From Cymbalta to Prozac, anti- depression medication is often prescribed as a cure-all to millions of adults and children each year. Each of the 75 medications and their generics we reviewed come with serious side effects and long term complication warnings. What causes depression in the first place? What minerals are lacking in almost every person dealing with depression? What happens in the brain when depression hits? Come join Karen for an in-depth review of a serious issues and enjoy a light hearted and energetic approach to reversing the depression epidemic! Stop the rise of antidepressant medication use which is robbing millions of the best experience in the world: EMOTIONS. Alternatives that have helped countless of Karen’s Energy clients will be shared!

12. Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Calcification, and Inflammation – What Is Going On Inside of YOU!? 

Today, most Americans are so full of inflammation, and are calcifying their bodies every single day that the blood itself cannot even get to the cells of the body to deliver nutrients and oxygen! Our bodies are not designed to live 60, 70 or 80 years with crippling dis-ease, they are designed to live and love well past 100 years with vigor and vitality! Attend class to learn how to clear up inflammation and calcification. Learn what high blood pressure really is and how to lower it immediately, and how cholesterol is vital to your life.

13. Autism, ADD/ADHD: Nutrition, Food, Birthing Methods, EMF and Heavy Metals – The TRUTH EXPOSED

Did you ever wonder the reason so many children are now diagnosed and labeled with words we rarely heard of decades ago? Does diet, vaccinations, electromagnetic frequencies, birthing procedures, natural food products, cell phones or medications help or hinder our health in relation to these issues of the brain? Gain insight into many answers and take action to reverse these dis-eases in those you love. Karen will be presenting leading information and cutting edge research into what mainstream says is “incurable.” The results are AMAZING. See for yourself what has happened to those using natural methods.

14. You CAN Run and Not Be Weary, Walk and Not Faint: IT’S A CELL THING! 

The Creation of The Cell, The Human Body, And Counsel From God. Join Karen Urbanek, HHP as she explains how life on the planet was organized for the crowing event: HUMAN LIFE! Enjoy an energetic presentation explaining how the amazing human body works, and how everything that is needed for our fantastic health originates from Mother Earth. With counsel direct from Father above, you will discover you CAN run and not be weary, walk and not faint! From bacteria to brain cells, life on the planet works synergistically for us all! Nourishing your AMAZING body, created in the image of God with Words of Wisdom….does it get any better than that? Karen Urbanek, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, fully engaged and slightly………on FIRE!

15. Tachyon Energy: The Source of All Frequencies 

Everything from dense physical matter like rocks, to the words on this page, is made up of energy. Every particle of every atom of every organism and substance we encounter, vibrates at a specific frequency. Tachyons are totally different from all frequency based energy medicine modalities. Tachyon is not a frequency, nor is it a frequency approach. Frequency does not exist beyond light speed where Tachyons operate. In essence, Tachyons are the catalyst for self-healing. Come learn how Tachyon “energy” can provide the missing link for the body to heal itself! Zero Point Energy at its best!

16 Muscle Testing, Applied Kinesiology, Sway Testing, Dousing and Divining This class packs the house and helps you learn in one night how to take CHARGE of your health! You CAN detect what is out of balance in your body using age long testing, and can even test your family members and your pets! Some of these techniques are relied on by world military, utility companies and doctors. Discover you CAN test for free at home anytime or anywhere. Come, discover how you can find answers NOW, and start the healing journey today! (come with an open mind – this is one WILD class!)

17. Tips to Raise YOUR Frequency and Those Around You…Without Them Even Knowing It!

Did you ever come home from a hard day of work and dump on the kids? Spouse? Friends? Or take the baggage you are collecting to work? We ALL carry a load with us, and we all dump our garbage. Come learn tricks to “dumping” outside of the home and work, saving our relationships! As we travel, we enter states and cities where frequency is not being taught. Most people have no idea that what they are “putting off” is affecting everyone in the room. It takes ENERGY and frequencies to alter a home environment or an entire room full of people. And YES! It works every time! Come learn how we pull off raising the frequency in our personal homes, offices, classes and conventions. These are tips you don’t want to miss!! If you have a negative family member, friend, class mate, roommate or even spouse, you will LOVE and implement what we teach the minute you hear it. This is a HIT class for people of all ages!

18. Great Adrenals VS Stress – The Connection between Sanity and Stress!

There are many forms of stress: Survival, Internal, Environmental, and Fatigue. Stress can be caused by both good (positive) and bad (negative) conditions around you. You have heard “fight or flight” and these reactions to good or bad stress cause different hormones to be released into the body. Learn how to tell what form of stress you are experiencing, and how to make sure that stress is not causing internal harm. Learn the foods that can help, and techniques to manage and overcome stress in your daily life. This is one STRESS free enjoyable class! From the thyroid to the pituitary, the ways to relieve stress are not just physical, but mental too! (we will cover EFT!)

19. Ebola/Infectious Disease Protection, and Cleansing from Parasites, Viruses, & Candida 

Most people following the American dietary recommendations will host more than one virus, worm or harmful bacteria at a time. These invaders can cause simple and complex problems, from headache and nausea, to birth defects, blindness and death. Learn how to modify the body terrain from parasites, bacteria, viruses, flukes and candida. Get educated and enjoy (well, they may just make you sick…but you can handle it) detox stories from Karen – our own Detoxification Specialist! Learn what foods and herbs can destroy the unwanted invaders in your sweet terrain and keep the body free from parasites and vicious viruses forever!

20. GMO’s – America’s Unprecedented Plague 
Infertility, sterility, intestinal distress, organ disruption, suicide, deformation, and mutation are just a few of the side effects found when living animals and humans are fed a diet containing GMO ingredients. But what are GMO’s? How did they get into the food supply? Educate yourselves on the “products” you and your children consume. There is a reason other countries have banned GMO’s. You will be shocked to see what is really on the dinner plate.

21. Flower Remedies & Orchid Essences: Spiritual and Emotional Healing

Flower Remedies can gently restore balance between the mind and body by casting out negative emotions. Fear, worry, anger, indecision and impatience can be cast away in single doses, allowing Flower Remedies to restore peace and happiness. Orchid essences act upon the chakras which exist in and outside of the body. Orchid essences not only create very powerful shifts in ones’ energy fields, they also have a strong focus on helping us in relation to our spiritual path. Flower remedies and Orchid essences are Karen’s favorite ways to restore balance to an emotionally unbalanced state in ANYONE! Including herself!! Herbs can build the physical body, but these essences RESTORE the emotion and spirit!!

22. Educate Before You Vaccinate! Their Future, YOUR Choice! 

There have been no deaths from measles in over ten years, yet the measles vaccination has caused 108 deaths in the last decade. Unvaccinated children do not carry the live flu, measles or polio virus, yet, vaccinated children can be contagious for up to SIX WEEKS after vaccination. During the Mumps outbreak in Iowa in 2006, only 8% of those who contracted the Mumps were unvaccinated, and 92% of those who got the mumps had already been vaccinated against it! 99% of those in 1985 who came down with measles during the Texas outbreak had already received the measles vaccination! If vaccinations were safe, why would the government pass the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986 exempting vaccine and drug companies, and health practitioners from liability in the event of injury or death? If vaccinations were safe, why are you worried about your vaccinated child getting sick from an unvaccinated child? Learn the FACTS and EDUCATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE!

23. THE BIOMAT: Used for Pain, Inflammation and The Fourth Cancer Treatment in Many Countries??

Used in many counties for killing cancer cells, enhancing the immune system, moving the lymphatic system, cleansing lymph nodes, improving the circulatory system, raising the core temperature of the body, helping end free radical damage, is this mat for real? Discover why every home in this country needs a Biomat loaded with amethyst crystal, negative ions and far Infrared heat! We have sold these mats for clients throughout the country for over eight years without a single return or complaint! Nothing but GREAT stories to share!

24. Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Emotions…..OH MY ! Is it Hormones, or is it your…. Neurotransmitters!!!

Weight gain, poor sleep, hair loss, poor libido, brain fog, depression, low energy……..can this all be hormonal?  YES BUT….Your hormones are controlled by the neurotransmitters! Imagine if you could balance your Dopamine, Acetylcholine, GABA and Serotonin levels, bringing balance to your hormones naturally!  Come enjoy a packed class all about the tiny chemical messengers setting off billions of reactions a minutes inside of YOU! Take our free biochemistry evaluation and discover your Dopamine, Serotonin, GABA and Acetylcholine levels to help determine your yin/yang and out of balance neurotransmitters, and find out how to balance them at home!  You Own Your Body!  Discover what sets you on FIRE!