Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

INSTRUCTOR: DR. JEFF ESSEN This Certification is the next Certification after becoming a Certified Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor. This course has been filmed in a recording studio and is available to watch online.  $3,995

The course is taught by Jeffrey Essen ND. Dr. Essen received his degree from the International College of Naturopathy in 2000. Since then he has earned certification in Functional Endocrinology, Functional Blood Evaluation, Live Cell Blood Microscopy, Brain Chemistry & Neurotransmitter Evaluation, ONDAMED Therapy, Cymatherapy, Leaky Gut & Gluten Sensitivity, Developmental Neurology, German Drainage Therapy, Heidelberg pH Capsule Testing, Aromatouch Technique, and Massage. Dr. Essen has been a member of doctors’ panels for Standard Enzyme Co. and Amazon Herb, as well as a 2 year participant on the Amazon Advisory Council. Holistic Healthcare Practitioner (HHP) is a medium level natural health certificate that allows practice with access to most product companies, many analysis labs, and legal status of healthcare professional. This course is issued through the Association of Natural Health and has access to membership in the American Naturopathic Medical Association. The course is formatted as a learn-at-home and online class, with modules taking the student through body system basics, digestion, metabolism, natural remedies, and energetic systems. A modality of testing and therapy called 4 Points Emotional Balancing is taught at the end of the course to provide a method of practice to the graduate. In previous class groupings, students were required to attend a 3 day hands on seminar to complete the learning process, practice the 4 Points system, review their own blood draw numbers for analysis, and to take the final exam. Now, with technology as an aid, greater flexibility is given in format of a video and online interactive way to finish to learning and earn the certificate. Dr. Essen has filmed the 3 days of the HHP course and demonstrating the practice method with enough detail to allow the viewing to instruct the student how to accomplish the 4 Points Process at home. Your course includes the final exam, and your own blood work.