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Karen is a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), creator and lead instructor for the Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor (TNC) certification, EDS technician, speaker, motivator, consultant, keynote, author, and mom to ten! Karen Urbanek has studied and practiced health and nutrition for decades and is on fire to improve world health through education, one cell at a time! Her… Read more »

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Roger is a rock to Amazing Cell Health. Not only because he is Karen’s husband, but because he works just as hard, if not harder than Karen, and helping Amazing Cell Health reach hundreds of thousands worldwide! Roger is an avid hunter, and has taught all of the children how to survive off the land. Active… Read more »

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Jenna has been helping alongside her mother since the twins arrived 24 years ago. Jenna is an active raw food chef giving classes on super foods around the country. She lives and breathes what she teaches, and literally consumes most super foods available every day including medicinal mushrooms and herbs. Jenna is a professional filmer… Read more »

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Amy studies health and epidemiology with a burning desire to change what is being taught from youth on, so cultures can thrive with greater health! Amy has visited many countries bringing her raw food lifestyle with her. Of course it didn’t keep her from tasting all sorts of animals while in south Africa, and she… Read more »

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If you were to look up service in the dictionary, Emily face is there! Emily’s desire to increase the health, frequency and prosperity of all people on earth is more than contagious! Emily studied physics in college and currently lives and breathes everything from a physics standpoint. She works full time with the family business… Read more »

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Twin to Emily, Eric not only shares the same birthday but the love of physics! Ambitious, motivated, and determined to change the course of nature and how people view their health, Eric is an inspiration and an asset to all becomes in contact with. Eric is studying medical physics in college and is driven to invent… Read more »

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There once was a man who climbed a coconut tree just to impress Julia! There is nothing new as Juliet has the personality everyone wants to be around! Kind, patient, full of love and a fantastic listener, Julia is bound to be a sought after friend to many. Juliet lives our family lifestyle with flair!… Read more »

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Lilly was born a princess, as the youngest child. Almost her entire family witnessed her birth. She was born with the sweetest disposition of them all! She was also born with chronic miasms which led to our quest to find a cure, which we did. You can read about it online on our vital page! Through… Read more »

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Pule (Pooh-Lay) joins the family through the marriage to Emily. Pule grew up in a 100% natural GMO free, organic environment on the beautiful island of Savai’i, Samoa. Pule is a natural teacher, exceptional translator and adds humor to every conversation. He was born a SuperFood Superman harvesting fresh cacao, coconuts, guava, noni, pineapple, mango, and… Read more »

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Roger II

Roger II has always lived on the edge, fully comfortable expressing himself. Now let me explain… If you say something can’t be done, he will prove it can be done! Physically, he is as fast and as driven as most athletes you will ever meet. His drive to excel is unmatched. Roger loves his blender, his MACA,… Read more »

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RoseMarie had an in-depth conversation about nitrates with one of our clients in Wisconsin when she was nine. There isn’t anything Rose doesn’t love to study and read about. Whether it be the information packet included with the bike helmet to the instruction manual of the brand-new deluxe crochet embellishing sewing machine we recently purchased…. Read more »

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