“An outstanding seminar. Lucid, engaging and a compelling synthesis of evidence and practical application. This is the best, most persuasive collection of insight into human health I have found. Empowered is inspiration delivered with the wit and compassion that will leave you changed.” -Mark L

$99 Investment 10AM – 5PM (Worth EVERY DIME! Karen charges $150 per hour when teaching one on one in her consultations!)



NOURISHMENT : feed your CELLS via Food, Vitamins & Minerals
ELIMINATION: Colon, Kidneys, Liver, Spleen & Skin


1. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: intake & digest food, absorb nutrients, elimination of waste products -Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Small Intestine, Large Intestine (Colon)
2. CIRCULATORY SYSTEM: transportation system carries nutrients & oxygen to all parts of body – Heart, Blood, Blood Vessels
3. LYMPHATIC SYSTEM: “sewer system” collects tissue waste, filters & destroys bacteria & removes toxins – Lymph, Lymph Nodes ”septic tanks”, Spleen, & Thymus
4. ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: maintains homeostasis (internal balance) & secretes hormones (chemical messengers) – Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland, Thyroid Gland, Parathyroid Glands, Pancreas, Adrenal Glands, & Reproductive Glands (Ovaries, Uterus, Testes, Prostate)
5. NERVOUS SYSTEM: coordinates & controls all bodily activities – Central, Peripheral, & Autonomic.


1. WHAT YOU EAT AND DRINK – Food “groups” (produce, nuts and seeds, grains, beans, superfoods, dairy, meat), vitamins and minerals, isolated and synthetic products, gluten, proteins and amino acids, bone density, calcium and nanobacteria, free radicals, oxidative stress, antioxidants, ATP production, water and fluid intake.
2. WHAT YOU PUT ON YOUR SKIN– Topical application of medications, herbal ointments, and charts of toxic products found in health and beauty supplies.
3. WHAT YOU BREATHE – Air quality, air filters, diffusers with essential oils, dangers of pollutants, chemtrails, and bronchial issues.
4. WHAT YOU THINK – Frequencies of thoughts, emotions are chemicals, entanglement theory, relationship influences on cell health.
5. YOUR EXPOSURE TO ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES AND WI-FI – Understanding pulsing technology, linear and nonlinear waveforms, routers, cell phones, “earthing” or grounding, tachyon (Zero Point Energy), and how to protect, discharge and balance the billions of electrical circuits in the body!


Understanding the basics of a healthy kitchen – blending, juicing, sprouting, fermenting, dehydrating, gluten free baking, cooking with grains and beans, and incorporating superfoods into your everyday life.


How to use herbs (make a tincture, compress or ointment), essential oils and homeopathics.
How to build a healthy kitchen.
How to test yourself to determine what products works best for you.
How to process emotions and cope with sick or negative family and friends.
How to detoxify and cleanse your organs, glands and cells!
Applied kinesiology, muscle testing, dousing

Bring: Glass Water Bottle, Pen & Paper, Your Copy of Karen’s Book “LIVE!”, & Your PMMA Card! NOTE: There are NO refunds on your $99 payment. You can reschedule but a fee of $39 will be charged if you reschedule within 30 days of your first selected EMPOWERED.

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-“EMPOWERED IS empowering!! I loved learning that disease really CAN be healed. Karen is a Master Teacher & is the most knowledgeable healthcare professional I have ever met. She understands the body, science, medicine, and knows how to translate that knowledge into wellness. I just want Karen’s energy!!” – Annette

-EMPOWERED is training I highly recommend for every health & fitness enthusiast. ‘Knowledge is Power,’ and everyone deserves to know and should attend.” – Wallace

-“Chakras & Dowsing totally intrigue me. The whole science on electrons and frequencies helped me to understand why it was working!”- Erica

-“Best two days I’ve spent learning so, SO many answers to health issues facing myself, my family and my dear friends.” -Paula

-“The empowered weekend was one of the most informative two day seminar of healing the body I have ever attended.” – Greg

-“Very informative, exciting and motivating to make positive health changes!” – Elieen

-“The empowered class was everything I anticipated. I was on the edge of my chair trying to absorb all the information – and I want to know more. The chakra balance was phenomenal. The care and energy from Karen, Emily & Jenna was wonderful! Thank you!” – Margaret

-“Everyone should do empowered! So informative! Very educational! Covers a great deal in just 2 days! A steal of $99- unbelievable! Karen is amazing! Emily is incredible! Jenna is awesome! Loved every minute! Thank you so much!” – Julie

-“It has opened up my mind to what I’ve always felt about food and the energy around us. Thank-you.” -Amy

-“Karen’s Empowered was very enlightening. It covered a wealth of information to empower you to know all kinds of things to help the body!” – Ann

-“Karen’s Empowered workshop was not only extremely informative about a wide range of topics in nutrition & holistic healing modalities, but was a lot of fun! Karen herself has incredible energy and a vast amount of knowledge. It was a very fun and enlightening experience. So glad I came!” – Becky

-“Empowered was a great class! I learned so much pratical tips that i can apply immediately to better my health, and those of my children. Karen is a fantastic speaker! I recommend her lectures and books to all of my friends.” -Lezetle

-“Empowered was so informative! My mind is a little overwhelmed with everything I learned, and I’m so excited to let it all soak in and review what Karen taught! It truly was eye opening! Thank you!”- Rachel

-“My friend attended an empowered conference earlier this year, and highly recommended that I go, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve learned so much over the last  2 days and am really excited to get started with changing my life and icing healthier.”- Nicole

-“Hey Karen! I can’t wait to go home and read your book! I can’t wait to begin changing my life! Very inspiring. I’m so happy my daughter invited me to join her here!” – Robin

-“The class is amazing, I learned so much! My life will definitely change!”- Norma

-“Great time! Extremely informative. Looking forward in doing a lot more. Will do my best to promote your educational programs.”- Norman

-“Thanks to God for you! My first time to a class like this and loved it! Got so much from the class to help myself and other people. Will never forget this class for my learning. Thanks God for Karen.”- Percie

-Thank you SO much for providing me with the education that I’ve been needing regarding proper nutrition and health. The vast knowledge that you shared was extremely helpful and enlightening. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to LIVE a long and health life…which, let’s face it, it just about everyone! Thanks again Karen! You Rock! – Sarah

-I have been curious about several modalities of healing, but never had had them explained so well as here at this empowered weekend. I now feel empowered to go forward in this journey of life with so many powerful tools. – Helen

-I have been empowered this weekend! I have learned many new things and have been reminded of things I once knew. I appreciated the completeness of the seminar – the scientific background of how the body functions to the emotions and all in between! I also appreciated learning how to balance myself and how to make decisions that will benefit me & my family. I came with specific needs that I needed answers to and Karen covered everything I needed personally and even taught me things that I didn’t know I needed! I felt cared for & loved. I felt appreciated and I am eternally grateful for this experience. Thanks! – Mindy

-Thank you so much! Gratitude! 🙂 Empowered was wonderful. It covered a great array of subjects on stuff I am excited to share! You and your family are doing a most wonderful thing, thank you for sharing and teaching to share. – Michelle

-“EMPOWERED” is a great 2 days that is filled with an abundance of healthful, useful information; presented in an energetic, enthusiastic, captivating passionate way! – Cari

-I pray God brings many to each forthcoming class, it really is life changing. I will refer many for as long as I live. – Lee & Shirley

-EMPOWERED was amazing and Karen is a fantastic teacher. I feel like I was fed truth!- Anna

-Karen’s empowered class opened my eyes to the healing properties of food and how cells respond to what goes into our bodies. – DW

-I repeated empowered because I loved it so much the first time. I can’t get enough of Karen’s information! Every time I leave a class, I see how much hope there is for humans and our beloved pets to live long & healthy lives. – Nicole (Becoming a TNC)

-I feel more hopeful and very glad I made the investment to attend empowered. The name says it all. Thank you Karen for sharing your life, stories, & knowledge. I gained tools and look forward to expanding my knowledge.

-EMPOWERED has been great, especially great energy J Karen’s really fun & I want to be a TNC! Thank you so much for all the knowledge you have shared and your daughters are amazing! I thank God for people like Karen & the team. See you at TNC. – Mary

-Excellent class. Long days but learned so much! Got me excited to learn more! – Carol

-I learned a whole new way of thinking at Empowered. I feel more confident in the health choices I have been wanting to make. Thank you! – Jocelyn

-Beautifully presented and covered a large area of healing modalities. Empowered is inspiring & makes one want to come back for more! I am very happy & grateful for the knowledge. Thank you Karen & family. –Jacqueline

-The empowered class was very enlightening. I can’t wait to start the TNC course. Thank you for your blessings. Carol This is an absolute blowout!!! I never thought I could learn so much in such a short time.  Karen is just amazing.  Her dedication is second to none. -Charles Scheer

-The Empowered weekend is truly life and health transforming. I feel inspired to use the tools Karen so eloquently and entertainingly shared not only to improve my own health, but to share them with many others so they can do the same.  – Dave Douglass

-WOW! I love this time with Karen’s Energy class.  Human body’s function looks so easy to understand.  I will love to have all this information in Spanish to teach and bring this knowledge to the Hispanic community.  I want to continue studying with you. You are great Karen. May God bless you. – Patricia Espinoza

-LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, coming to Karen’s workshops!  Karen has taken the subject of how the body works and made it fun and entertaining.  Can’t wait for the TNC class.  Thank you Karen for getting me excited for a future in health!  – Nicole

-This weekend was amazing.  Karen is inspiring, empowering, lovely and fun.  I’m grateful to have so much new information so I can continue on my holistic adventure. – JoAnn Barney

-This workshop has been very enlightening.  I have gotten so much useful information that I can use immediately.  I know of someone who I’m going to send information to help him start battling his lung cancer to prevent surgery. – Wendy Jaroslawski

-I will never miss a presentation by Karen.  Her knowledge, ability to explain easily and quickly, as well as her energy are infectious and addictive as well.  One class makes you want more.  Much more.  One free class = signed up for Empowered = signed up for TNC. – Mary Dillon

-Thank you so very much for an amazing weekend.  Lots of fun.  Very Informative and I loved every minute of it.  I enjoyed how many various topics are discussed.  Very well rounded! Thank you again – appreciate your time (both you and Dena) and the “energy” it takes to do this for us! Much love and gratitude, – Teresa Fernandez

-Thank you “High Energy” Karen.  You’re so informed and love to share.  I got so much from your workshop this weekend.  You’re a great teacher.  I’m also grateful that the products you mentioned are on your website at a reasonable price. – Thank you, Love and life always, “S”

-Thank you Karen!  As always, a presentation that helps us understand our body better.  Lots of great information!  It seems as if there is nothing you don’t know.  Thank you also for your generosity and integrity. You make it safe to venture out and try new things, because we know you only share things you have researched and found safe with us! – Genevieve

-I learned so many things in such a short time.  I’m happy my husband came and heard what Karen said; no arguments with her. Smiles. no meat, processed food, ham, cheese, milk, ICE CREAM wow!  I came to USA some years ago from Germany and I’m still learning how things are here in USA, scary.   But it is good to be informed to make right decisions.  Thank you so much Dena and Karen. – Nelly

-This weekend experience was wonderful  “eye opener” on how to communicate with our bodies and know more about how the industry works.  I’m glad Karen’s looking out for our wellbeing.

-Wasn’t sure what to expect….. Eye opening and inspirational.  If it is to be, it’s up to me!! – Karen Gray

-Loved Karen’s Empowered weekend.  Full of good information.  Useful for everyone.  Well presented.  Easy to understand.- Lura Barua

-The Empowered class is totally amazing.  I learned a tremendous amount.  Karen is an excellent speaker and the most knowledgeable person I have ever met.  She is “energizing”!  Thank you! – Joy Thompson

-What an amazing 2 days!  Karen you have changed my life, the health of my home and my knowledge of how to get healthy and remain healthy.  I hope to pass all of this to those I love. – Sharon Lopez

-Karen is an amazing communicator.  She makes difficult things seem easy and clear.  It’s easy to absorb the information and have it “stick”!  Fun engaging and so much logical knowledge.  So much real truth!!!! – Debbie Hawkins’

-I had a great experience with Becoming Empowered.  It was very enlightening and informative.  I’m now empowered to make so major changes in my diet and my environment.  Can’t wait to get started! – Gaye Amussen

-This was a great experience.  So much information in a couple of days.  Karen makes the presentation fun along with being so informative.  It definitely makes me want to share this information with family and friends.  I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their life! – Jolene Jensen

-I’m excited!! I’ve been waiting all my life for the opportunity to learn all this stuff I have learned in the last 2 days!  I will be taking the TNC program so that I can help others.  It’s my main goal in life. Thank you, – Jonita Taggart

-I have learned more in the last 2 days about taking care of my health than I have in the last 5 years going to my doctor.  What an eye opener! I signed up for TNC and can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned. – Ann Woodward

-“An outstanding seminar.  Lucid, engaging and a compelling synthesis of evidence and practical application.  This is the best, most persuasive collection of insight into human health I have found.  Empowered is inspiration delivered with the wit and compassion that will leave you changed.” -Mark L

-Loved the class. Helped me to decide to just go for it and take the TNC lass. I had many eye opening experiences and some “Aha” moments in the class! -Amber

-I loved the Empowered weekend! I learned so much and totally feel empowered to heal my body and to help educate my family and everyone I work with as a life coach. I am now very excited to become a TNC and fulfill my dream and passion of educating everyone I can about natural healing and healthy eating. Also, I loved taking 2 days out of my time schedule as a busy working mom to take time for myself  to learn and to feel balanced and to have had time to test my body finding out what I need so that I can feel totally invigorated and full of outrageous natural energy to be the best mom, wife, and mentor I can be! Ps. The food was delicious and so healthy ☺ -Narelle

-Enjoyed all the different topics covered; there was time to share experiences and ask questions, sampling of the great food and make connections with others. The new design of break times we got going was helpful-good to move around after sitting for so long. –Annette

-It was so helpful to read “Live” before coming to Empowered class. Maybe when people sign up and pay they can receive their book so they can read it before class. So inspiring without any judgment. Gives you hope. -Tracey

-Loved the whole two days of knowledge, caring , and sharing to embrace and empower small steps to make each day of life a healthier place for each cell of our beautiful body and spirit. -Anonymous

-The Empowered class was an incredible experience. Karen’s energetic presentation started with the basics, which served as the foundation for all the other information shared. I now feel “empowered” to take control of my health, my family’s health, and to share my knowledge with others. Karen, along with her education, expertise and enlightenment, is changing the world. -Nancy

-I thought the whole empowered class was great. I can’t think of anything I would change right now. I don’t sit a lot and sitting long periods is usually difficult, but the info was so great it made sitting easy. I like that the food is provided, I think it’s absolutely okay to charge for it as it cost you money to make it. The name Empowered is perfect! Thanks for helping make the world a better place! -Anonymous

-Time flew by! Great, great, great! Food Karen’s energy level, itinerary great! An hour and one half is a bit too long for lunch- perhaps start later or end earlier and less lunch time(?) So much information but presented in very easy to understand format.-Anonymous

-Loved it. Food and knowledge coupled with love. -Randy

-Thank you for teaching us another modality of healing. I particularly enjoyed practicing the presence of releasing the negative emotions. Ps. Karen has a lot of energy!-Diane

-I love hearing stories about how people are getting well, when I think I heard it all. I have not. Awesome information. -Randy

-Love the creative moves with animals. The breathing is so calming. Thank you! -Christy

-Loved it! Thank you ☺ Karen, I’ve been to several of your talks (detox, cancer summit, cooking class). Each time is motivating, I learn something new and truly Empowering! I come away adding another step to my process of feeling better and doing better to my family! I truly loved this presentation. Thank you  so much for sharing your knowledge and time with us! God Bless. -Kristen