Did you know…. Many people who are overweight have an underactive thyroid.  This means that the metabolism is s-l-o-w, and foods cannot be processed quickly enough into energy so it simply stores it away – yup you guessed it – into fat cells.  Treating the underactive thyroid can be as easy as eliminating fluoride from… Read more »

What We Don’t Know About Cancer & Cell Context

The video above is a must view for anyone who has living cells!  (Yes, that’s all of us…..)  If you have ever had any physical dis-ease of the body, if you have ever gotten sick, or have anyone in your life that is affected by dis-ease – YOU WILL LOVE THIS VIDEO!  Please watch, get… Read more »

Neurotransmitters – A BIG Word for Our Internal Influence!

The New Deal: Hormonal Imbalance?  Whether peoples’ appetites need suppressing, sleep initiated, weight loss induced, energy gained, or contraceptive organs ignited, people continue to use hormones (other than their own) for the answers.  But, Is there a better way? We were each born with a unique biochemistry.  This biochemistry brings us great harmony in our… Read more »

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Take Your FREE BRAIN TEST Today! Easy Bread Recipe!

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TNC Spotlight- Lance Shipley, TNC

Everybody loves Lance! Lance Shipley is a BYU graduate of Nutritional Science. Lance recently graduated the TNC program and is on FIRE to change the world! He has attended many of Karen’s Consultations, is working with Doctor Troy Graf (Natural Healing & Wellness – Saint George, UT), working with Paul Isom (BioPlasma Physicist), started studying dark field microscopy, is doing his own consultations,… Read more »

BIOMAT: Pain, Inflammation and The Fourth Cancer Treatment in Many Countries!

Used in many counties for killing cancer cells, enhancing the immune system, moving the lymphatic system, cleansing lymph nodes, improving the circulatory system, raising the core temperature of the body, helping end free radical damage, is this mat for real? Discover why every home in this country needs a Biomat! TAUGHT BY: KAREN URBANEK, HHP &… Read more »

Join our Holistic Healthcare Practitioner (HHP) Class August 18-20 PROVO,UT

As a graduate of Dr. Essens HHP course, I can honestly vouch for the brilliance of not only the course itself, but of Dr. Essen.  Dr. Essen is an accomplished Naturopathic Physician with numerous credentials after his name, and countless thousands of hours of research, trials, and study of the human body.  His insight into… Read more »


“It’s testing day!” That is what our children woke up to this morning. They knew what that meant! There was a pH strip just for them.. They know the routine, and they get a little nervous waiting for the results. “6.25” yells one, “6.75” yells another, and then there’s the one who sheepishly avoids answering… Read more »